PRIDE PROPERTY INSPECTIONS is one of the most thorough and helpful home inspection companies in
Southern Arizona! Remember 9 out of 10 times we save you, or make you money!
95% of the time your
inspection pays for itself!
95% of the time I find more issues/cost of repairs than my inspection fee, which in turn
helps you make an informed decision. See the examples below on how we save or make you money. We will both
learn about your house together.

 We accept:  Debit or Charge cards,(before inspection date),Cash or Checks (at time of inspection)
We have an inspection to fit everyone's needs and budget.

  We also offer an Intrest free Payment Plan:  times are tough for everyone, if you dont have
the money up front for a full inspection, we can help. Pay half on the day of the inspection,
then the other half the following month. 0% interest.

"Point" or "Partial" inspections - If you would like certain sections of your home checked, we can do it.
We will come out to check your roof, or if you want us to check several sections: roof, electric, foundation etc.
Just give us a call for a quote. We also inspect contractors work. If you are unhappy or have questions about a
remodel or a renovation we can inspect it for you. These start at
$99 in town, call for a quote.

Walk and Talks - If you are interested in a property, I will meet you there. We will walk through it and
discuss it. If you then decide on a property and you would like a full inspection we will credit part of the W/T fee
towards the full inspection. There are no tools, pictures or report involved with a W/T.  It usually takes 1 hour and
starts at
$99 in town, call for a quote.

Educational Review -  Did you always want to know what certain things in your house are, or what they
are for? Do you know where the emergency shut offs are located? Would you just like to know more about your
house? I will come to your house and educate you on all the mechanics and how a house works in general. If you
then decide that you would like a full inspection we will credit part of the ER fee towards the full inspection. An
ER  usually takes one hour and will answer all your questions. There are no tools, pictures or report involved
with an ER. In town
$99 / hour, call for a quote.

Option 1 - Includes: pictures of concerns only and the emailed report. This inspection's primary focus is on
major defects. The inspection is best for clients needing an Arizona Standards Home Inspection with no extras.
This is great for investors who will be gutting and renovating the home. Price shoppers also order this type of
inspection.     This inspection is not recommended for first time home buyers or for clients buying a                  
newly constructed home.

Option 2 - Includes: pictures of concerns and the house, the emailed report, major defects, minor/cosmetic
defects, a home maintenance handbook, a binder to hold all the information, a home orientation, maintenance
ideas and safety tips. This is my most popular inspection and is great for first time home buyers and others.

Option 3 - Includes: everything in the other two options plus, a termite inspection,  lead paint test and if you
would like, a re-inspection of the seller's repairs to make sure they were done properly.

All three options - price is based on location, square feet, age and extras. All three adhere to and fully
comply with the State of Arizona Standards. If you do not have access to email, don't worry we will make other
arrangements for you. They also include unlimited phone calls, and mediation. If there is ever a concern with a
Realtor, a seller or a builder, I will help you out. Mediation is
included. Also included is our 100% guarantee!

             Some additional fees:
          POOL  OR  SPA    $25
        POOL  AND  SPA    $40

QUOTE OR ANY QUESTIONS : 520.750.0450 (we are really very friendly)

                     *** Not sure if an inspection is needed? Click this link.***

      * We will help ease your mind about the home buying process and answer any
                                          of your home inspection questions.
*Our price is a quote not an estimate, it is a firm quote. There are no hidden fees or up charges.

* Our prices reflect a commitment to the integrity of the house and our attention to detail.
Created by: Team Timpani LLC
Phone:520.750.0450 /  520.907.9335
Let's keep things in perspective. Most Realtors commission is 6 %.  Home Inspection prices are not 2 % but
generally in the .2 % range.  Keep in mind there is no industry standard like the Realtors, so every inspector can
charge whatever they want.  Most are represented in the following example.

Example:                                                        REALTORS         INSPECTORS
On a 1800 square foot  $140,000 house            6%  =  $8,400          $319
On a 2200 square foot  $220,000 house            6% = $13,200          $349

The cost of a Home Inspection is a bargain. Even if you paid $1500 for the inspection, on average it is still less
than 1% !  How much are you willing to pay for peace of mind and to know exactly what you are buying?
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