It is very important that you get an inspection if you are building a new house.  Even if
you do not use our company, please get it inspected.

We offer pre-drywall inspections and pre-closing inspections.  These are called

The builders put houses up so fast that many things are over looked.  The sub
contractors are moving through the houses as fast as they can and because of that
many things are missed or done incorrectly.

The quality of workmanship has gone way down in the past 5 - 10 years. It is very
disheartening to see some of the things that we find in new construction.

We hand the builders a punch list of the items, and they are very good about taking
care of the list.
Termite tube
Roof membrane
Holes in stucco
Missing cover
Where's the sink?
No cold handle
Dryer trim missing
Refrig water trim missing
Tile chip
Wrong slope
No charge for the mess!
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Keep in mind.... These pictures are from brand new houses. These are pre-closing pictures
taken on the day before or morning of closing day.
Door needs paint
House needs