Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Kildahl                                                                                            November 10, 2004
Worceseter, MA

Re: Testimonial for Pride Property Inspections (Mark and GinaTimpani)

It is my pleasure to provide a testimonial for Mark and Gina Timpani of Pride Property Inspections, Tucson,
Arizona.  During summer 2004, while visiting Arizona, my wife and I arranged to buy a home. The house
was in the framing stage at that time, but was expected to be finished in October, 2004. We returned to our
current home in Worcester, Massachusetts, in August, so were unable to witness the progress and
completion of the building process. This made it extremely important for us to engage a competent home
inspector to make sure that the house was competently built and that all details were properly finished. In
order to do this from 3000 miles away, I searched the internet for and found four home inspectors in the
Tucson, Nogales area, and emailed all four explaining our situation. All four responded; however, the
Timpanis followed up their initial response with a second email in which they detailed their certification
status and urged my wife and me to hire an inspector who was properly certified.
We were impressed by
this effort to follow up, and also by the very reasonable cost for the inspection,
so we came to an
agreement with the Timpanis that they would do the inspection for us.

When the time came, near the end of October, we contacted Mark by email and he made arrangements
with our realtor, to inspect the house.
The Timpani team carried out the inspection with a thoroughness
and attention to detail that was unprecedented in our experience.
First, they spent a total of almost 6
hours in the inspection of the 6 rooms, garage, 2 baths, and exterior of our single-level home. This is
about 3 times longer than I believe is typical for a home inspection, particularly when only one level is
Following the inspection, Mark immediately phoned us and went over with us in detail everything
that he had found in the house.
My wife's notes from this conversation cover 2 full pages. The Timpanis
then put together a very thorough and professionally packaged home inspection report that they quickly
sent to us in Massachusetts. This was in our hands the day following the inspection, and addressed a very
large number of problems, both large and small, that they had discovered. In addition, they included with
the report a CD containing 25-30 photographs of the home and property, many showing in close-up
problems that they had found. I cannot overstate what a relief it was to know that the Timpanis were
carefully looking out for our interests.

A couple of weeks after the initial inspection, after the builder had assured us that all repairs had been
made, the Timpanis reinspected the property, checking the status of every problem found earlier. Again,
Mark followed up with a detailed phone discussion, and a next-day report including more photos. It was
great to know that the builder had indeed corrected most of the problems.

In summary, the Timpanis did for us what we could not be present to do for ourselves: thoroughly
inspected our new home with a high attention to detail and a high level of expertise, and a follow-up to
make sure that the problems were remedied. My wife and I are very appreciative of their efforts. The cost
of the inspection was inconsequential when measured against its quality. We strongly recommend Pride
Property Home Inspections; they go above and beyond the call of duty to perform the job the way it ought
to be, but rarely is, done.

Nick Kildahl    Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry -WPI
Created by: Team Timpani LLC
Phone:  520.907.9335
We were very impressed with your thoroughness.  Most inspections only take 1.5 hours.  The
pictures and binder were very professional.  We will be sure to refer our friends and family to
you.   The Canfields
I was very impressed with the service that we were provided.  He inspected it as
if   he were buying the house for his own family.  Thank you!   The Figueroas
Thank you for such thorough photo documentation of the house.  I've downloaded most of the
photos and will use them to support our requests for repairs. You do an impressive job of
inspecting a house and explaining the entire process and results.  Thank you so much.   
We appreciate any comments or suggestions.
Being my first transaction, you made things run so smoothly. My client was impressed with
your no nonsense approach and professionalism.    REALTOR  Coldwell Banker

I really can't say enough good things about Mark and Pride Property Inspections.  Thorough,
professional, simply the best!  A bargain at twice the price.    Z.T.

Great job!  Will recommend you to all of our friends and family.  Thank you for being so
thorough, helpful and professional.       B.N.

Outstanding service.  Very professional and friendly.  We will only use Pride Property
Inspections - they are the best!     The Blankenships

Great job!  He identified several major issues with my home.   S.W.

Mark, we were very impressed with your thoroughness and extreme professionalism.  We'll be
glad to pass along your name.    The Beardens

It was a pleasure meeting and working with you and I will certainly call you again.   
REALTOR  Tierra Antigua

Thanks for such a great job!  You gave me the confidence to press on with the purchase of
this house. You are extremely thorough and know your subject. Thank you for taking as much
time as you did inspectiong the house.  I will recommend you to anyone that needs a great
Home Inspector.    D. Gates

We have already recommended you to our friends and will continue.  It's great that you said,
"Feel free to call in the future if you have any questions."  We are fortunate to have found
you. You helped us feel safe and very well informed.    C. Mossie

Mark thanks for all the help. You are a great example of an honest professional.   T. Helie

Nice job, and my clients were very pleased with how they were treated on the phone.   
REALTOR  Blackhawk Realty

It is great to see your company go the extra mile with all the information and education!   
Thank you.   Angelica

Nice to talk to and very professional. I chose Mark over the others because he seemed very
commited to thoroughness and providing the customer with the best service possible.   I. Lee

Your detailed and precise examination of every aspect of the home from foundation to roof
was extremely professional and educational. I found your communication skills to be excellent
and you reaffirmed what maintenance and repairs should be done prior to my taking
possession. In short, I found your work to be truly outstanding.  Thanks for surpassing my
expectations.    K. Leonard  

You were great!  I will use you again for sure.    REALTOR  Century 21

He was insightful and very thorough.  He was straight forward.   D. Barr
We appreciate your attention to detail and professionalism.
We will recommend you to our friends.     The Hyatts
Very impressed with your hard work and thoroughness.  Would not hesitate to
recommend you to others. Thanks!    H. Langer
"Mark Timpani is the best inspector I have worked with.  He has saved my clients and myself money
and knows his business inside and out.  I highly recommed him."  Ben Venema, Realtor and Investor.
Where do I even begin?
Mark Timpani of Pride Property Inspections helped us more than we could have imagined. My
fiancé and I recently bought our first home together. The entire process of buying a home can
be stressful and daunting. Paperwork, appointments, and deadlines seem to run the show. We
were excited when we came across an old brick home (built in 1952) with tons of charm and
character. We knew it was the perfect home for us.
That being said, a home that old needs a lot of work. When we saw it with our realtor, we
could tell it would take a lot to get the house where it should be to ensure safety and comfort.
We were so relieved by Mark's report- it put into words (AND even pictures!!) everything we
needed to see that was wrong or needed some tender loving care with the house. He also
included the details of the home that were up to code, as in perfectly fine the way they are.
The details of the report were done accurately and professionally. This was no surprise though,
because of Mark's professional attitude and pleasant demeanor the entire duration of the
Because of Mark's outstanding job and feedback, we were able to buy our dream house
comfortably while knowing exactly what we were buying. We feel that the cost of the inspection
turned out to be free because we were able to work with the seller in order to get some
problems with the house (highlighted within the report) worked out to where we could be
confident in our purchase of the home.
We will recommend Pride Property Inspections to everyone. Mark is truly a professional and a
trustworthy man.
Thanks PPI!

S. Rodriguez